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April 25th, 2005

Schoolcrash (literally)

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Friday, a guy decided to crash in 4 of our teachers’ cars. You can find some more explanation on Nepie’s blog and more exactly in this post.
A picture:

Schoolcrash 22/04/2005

April 11th, 2005

Actual desktop: Gentoo 2005.0

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Time for an actual desktop I thought. For the moment I am (still) using Gentoo 2005.0 with Gnome2.8 (Digital-Harmony theme) and Xorg6.8.2. The system is working perfect!

Gentoo screenshot 11/04/2005

April 8th, 2005

Ubuntu Hoary Hedgehog 5.04 Released

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This morning (9h:40 CEST), I saw on the #ubuntu-nl channel, that Ubuntu Hoary ‘s stable! It’s a great release with Gnome2.10, Xorg 6.8.2-10 and Kernel 2.6.10

  • Intel x86 install CD
  • AMD64 Install CD