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October 29th, 2006

Fedora Core 6

Posted by Treg in General

Lately, I heard some very good comments on the latest new Fedora (Core 6) project, so I decided to test this Linux distribution.

The installation started nice, as I expected from this distro. After the first boot configuration I got a 800×600 desktop on a widescreen. After adapting the xorg.conf configuration, the X server was performing well (without DRI). The next thing to test, was the wifi connection. Unfortunately, I had to install and load the ipw3945 drivers manually. After a while this issue was fixed and I could move on to the next… bummer. Yes, the kernel didn’t support cpu frequency scaling. All what i got, was a kernel error. Concolusion: the distro isn’t workable for me at this moment. I expect a lot of bugfixes and support on the issues (that I find on the forum).

October 22nd, 2006

Linux Flash Player 9 Beta

Posted by Treg in Linux, Tech

Fortunately people decided to develop a new version of the Linux Flash player. On this moment version 7 ‘s the latest stable version. BUT, a few days ago version 9 beta has been released. Finally Linux users will be able to see all those Flash based sites and movies (which are nearly all made for flash 8 ).
You can find the player in the Sevaes Repo for Ubuntu Edgy Linux. The package ‘s also hard masked in Gentoo Portage (here).

October 16th, 2006

Kernel 2.6.17 upstream SATA bug?

Posted by Treg in Linux, Tech

These days I’m testing the new upcoming Ubuntu Linux release called Edgy Eft. I find some weird shutdown SATA bug. When I’m shutting down the computer, I can hear that the SATA disk doesn’t spin down like it should be. After posting this on the forum and reporting the bug on launchpad (bug #63937), it seems to be an upstream kernel 2.6.17 bug. Let’s hope this is solved soon, cause the sound that the harddisk makes when it shuts down isn’t that nice.

October 14th, 2006

Wireless ADSL router upgrade

Posted by Treg in Tech

I year ago, I decided to upgrade my wireless ADSL router (Dlink DSL-G604T) with some new firmware. Unfortunately the firmware was and is still up-to-date (firmware from 2004). I wanted some fixes and extra features so I searched on the Internet for new firmware. I found some newer UK firmware. After the upgrade, the router seemed to be dead. Nothing worked like it should be. With a telnet session, I succeeded to fix things and I could bring up the http server. Restoring some EU version firmware did the trick.

Recently, the source code of the software on the router has been released. Some people in Australia have been developing and bugfixing this software. At the moment I’m running the software successfully on my router. A great new feature of this soft ‘s the support for ADSL2+ connections. I hope this version runs as stable as the one before.