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May 30th, 2010

Android 2.1 and Exchange 2010 calendar sync

Posted by Treg in General

Recently I had to reconfigure my Android phone with our brand new Exchange 2010 server. We imported old Exchange 2003 data into the new server, no problems so far. All the mail clients are working/synchronizing well.

On my Android phone, I deleted the old synchronization instance and configured the new one. Mail and contacts are synced like it should be. But, when syncing the calender, I always received a “Synchronization is experiencing problems” report.

The solution: modify all your calendar items, for example by adding an additonal category by change your view to “list” or “list all active” and selecting all your appointments. Add a category, remove the category and switch back your view. After syncing your phone, it will work like it should be.