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November 26th, 2006

Building an ignition

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Yesterday afternoon a friend and I build a sort of portable ignition for a “bigger project” which I can’t mention for the moment.

First we had to find a suitable coil, so we drove to 6 garages. At least we found a (smaller) coil from a mower in a garden shop. Based on an ignition scheme from a car combined with an NE555 timer chip and a 9V battery we made the first design. We succeeded in making some little blue sparks. Not suitable for a good ignition. After a while (and blowing up an NE555) we found that the transistor which we used was to light. After some optimalisation we came to a nice result -> sparks with a length of 3mm.


Isn’t it time to build a bigger Tesla Coil? 🙂

November 18th, 2006

Animator VS Animation II

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Animator VS Animation is a “movie” made with Macromedia Flash where an object comes alive and starts to annoy the computer user. The idea of this movie is very original. You’ll need to watch it twice (or more) to see all the things that happen on stage.

Animator VS Animation II (part I included)

Post spotted on Blogging Marnik.

November 6th, 2006

Posted by Treg in General, Linux, Tech ‘s a fantastic initiative from Jochem Kossen and Sander van de Graaf. On a weekly base, they bring you all the latest OpenSource related news in a sort of (dutch) TV news. got it’s name because the show deals with “nerd like” topics or at least a bit geeky. Are you tyred of reading and reading and reading all the newssites and weblogs with tech info, than this is the show you must watch. (and it’s funny too)