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January 9th, 2007

CentOS C++ compat libs

Posted by Treg in Linux

The latest stable CentOS release (4.4) isn’t compatible with some “older” software (compiled against other depencies). So today an application I wanted to install broke up. “Unable to find …” cause version is the standard installed version.

You can easily solve this by installing the CentOS C++ compatibility library:
yum -y install compat-libstdc++-296 compat-libstdc++-33

January 2nd, 2007

Groovecity 2006

Posted by Treg in General

Finally I found some time to write a little “partyreport” of the Skynet Groovecity event on Saturday November 18th. I was looking forward to this party cause I was getting sick of doing _crap_ parties all the time (I mean crap music or dj-ing (or do I just expect to much?)).

At 20H, I picked up a friend of mine. During the trip to the Brussels KartExpo, we listened to the program Switch on StuBru (a great warm up before this party). Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the party. Very well organised, was my first impression.

The first artist we wanted to see was “System-D” in the D&B room. After half an hour of shaking, we decided to go for the smooth house grooves. I heard the name “Silicone Soul” somewhere before, but this was their first liveset I tasted, nice! I love their UK deephouse sound. Ready for some techno beats? Our next stop was the techno room with “The Hacker”. This was the most impressive room with some big projector screens and nice light effects. The second D&B DJ for that night was DJ-Krust, nice, but a little bit to much Reggae influences (certainly after The Hacker). Ok, now we were heading for some more grooves with “Martin Solveig”. The set of the French man just made the crowd crazy. His performance was unbelievable, and all alone! Perfect beatmixes, loops, samples and lots of creative things with electronic music. Almost satisfied, we ended the night with a perfect set of “Sven Vath”. I think I’m starting to like minimal very much. 🙂

I expected a lot of this event, but it was even better then I hoped!