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January 12th, 2006

Gentoo 2005.1 and KDE3.5

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Last week I was testing the KDE 3.5 “Window Manager” on my Gentoo 2005.1 box. I’m very surprised, cause this Qt based desktop system disapointed me many times in the past. I managed to use GTK2 styles in GTK2 applications, for example Mozilla Firefox. Also the transparant bottom panel ‘s very nice.
Yesterday, I compiled xorg7.0 with composite extensions, but it won’t work very nice due to my ATI graphics card. I had some problems with Direct Hardware rendering and composite extension enabled.

Gentoo 2005.1 and KDE 3.5 12-01-2006

August 2nd, 2005

Gentoo 2005 and Xfce 4.2.2

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For the time being, I uploaded a screenshot :p I still use Gentoo 2005.0 as operating system and XFCE 4.2.2 as window manager.

Gentoo 2005.0 XFCE 4.2.2 02-08-2005

June 4th, 2005

Gentoo 2005.0 with XFCE 4.2.2

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A week ago, I decided to use XFCE 4.2 as windowmanager on my Gentoo box. I used it before but for some reason I quitted it (messing things up with gnome I think). For the moment I am quite satisfied with this WM. It works faster as Gnome and the looks are better as KDE. We should see what the future brings 🙂

Gentoo 2005.0 XFCE 4.2 desktop 04-06-2005

April 11th, 2005

Actual desktop: Gentoo 2005.0

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Time for an actual desktop I thought. For the moment I am (still) using Gentoo 2005.0 with Gnome2.8 (Digital-Harmony theme) and Xorg6.8.2. The system is working perfect!

Gentoo screenshot 11/04/2005

March 14th, 2005

Ubuntu Linux Hoary Tree / Gnome 2.10

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It’s amazing that I am still running the same distro with the same installation. The Hoary version of Ubuntu is still in the developement phase and it works great! 🙂
Meanwhile I set up my gdesklets again (version 0.33.1) but some psi sensors aren’t working. They are developping a new set of desklets called SideCandy. This eyecandy doesn’t slow down my system @ all, nice!

Ubuntu Hoary Linux Gnome 2.10 14-03-2005

March 3rd, 2005

Sister’s Linux @ Kot

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My sister is using Ubuntu Linux instead of Win now and she likes it! 🙂 Here’s a screenshot!

Karolien Kotpc 13-02-2005

February 23rd, 2005

Ubuntu Linux Hoary Tree / Gnome 2.9.91

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For the moment I am using a developement release of Ubuntu Linux (Hoary Tree). You can see Gnome 2.9.91 and Xorg 6.8.1 in the screenshot!

Ubuntu Linux 23-02-2005 screenshot